Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pop & Pastel

Have you also noticed that pastels are trending big-time at the moment?  If not, seriously where have you been!  What started this love affair with pastels started with the discovery of Hay a few years ago.  Vogue Living ran a tiny image of their bedlinen and that was it, I was in love and had to get me some (designdelicatessen.com if you were wondering).  What makes this pastel palette work is a pop of bright to make it a little more sophisticated and less baby.  I had fun entering an instagram competition this week for Country Road and as I looked around I already had a few pieces from their latest home range.  I recently bought this dining table and of course needed new tableware, the new Country Road home range is absolutely delicious and the new store at Highpoint was so enticing, I think I was hypnotized to buy!
So here is a little snapshot of my new dining area with a few other pieces thrown in that are on the wishlist.  


  1. That Dane Lovett painting.... Stop it! He's too good!

  2. I know Ashley, it's so amazing isn't it! Some people are just too talented.



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