Sunday, 15 December 2013

A New Perspective

When I hear the terms 'child-proof' or 'kid-friendly' with 'interior design' I am not feeling inspired.  At all.  I imagine those plastic corner things on tables, wooden barriers and it's all just terribly ugly to be honest!

Image Captions: 1. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair - Highly recommended, we bought ours from Gumtree and pink was all they had, honest!).  2. Pom Pom scarf from Seed used as curtain tie-backs.  3. HAY Colour Block Red Junior Bedlinen - How hilarious that our baby has HAY bedlinen too  4. Wall colour Dulux ‘Femininity’ - I think a calming colour is the way to go for babies rooms instead of active primary colours and she loves her room.  5. Stokke Xplori - After the initial heart attack when we saw the price tag we don't regret this purchase one bit, such an awesome versatile pram.  6. I can't believe our baby has over 10 pairs of shoes and not one pair was bought by us, all given as gifts and now she has a shoe fetish already!

So now with a one year old housemate living in our apartment, I am beginning to come to terms with making everything child-proof. I don't want our apartment to look like a playpen (not yet if I can help it) so it means that everything must go back in it's place.  We've had to rethink our living area which means including a dining table, new armchair and a new ottoman with storage instead of a coffee table.  This is an interior design blog, not a mummy blog however I admit that I found it difficult to find advice on what we might need with a baby in a small apartment, so here is what I've got so far*

1. Get down to their level, literally.  We're often on the floor with her and as she's crawling we notice all of the things that could be potentially dangerous, top-heavy lamps and electrical cords, etc so we've moved those things away to other rooms.

2. Watch out for sharp corners.  I cant bear the thought of those horrible plastic corners on things, so tacky!**  Our coffee table was one of the first things to go, it took up too much space and had sharp edges.  We also brought a new armchair and it is fully upholstered like it has been wrapped in a soft duvet so no protective thingys needed.

3.  Storage, storage and did I mention storage?  We already had a large Danish bookshelf which housed the tv and other stuff but I have gone through it and thrown out a lot.  Feels very cleansing!  Now we also have a little space for fairy tales and Mr. Men books.  We have also added a shoe storage unit from Ikea for the entry.  So now instead of shoes piling up near the door, they are put away out of reach from curious hands.  We've added more storage to the bathroom too.  In fact I think there won't be a wall around here that isn't covered in some sort of storage solution!

4.  Multi-functional furniture.  We replaced our coffee table with a large upholstered ottoman with a lift-off lid for storage.  So it doubles as a coffee table and also a place to put-away toys.  I searched for one I could buy with no luck, so I had one made.

Image Captions: 7. Ottoman - Custom made in Dwell 'Landsmeer' Fabric from Redelman (I'm taking orders at the moment) 8. Arflex 'Pecorelle' armchair from Poliform - I'll admit that it's probably unusual to shop for 'baby-proof' furniture at Poliform however, hear me out.  This is an investment piece that I intend to keep forever, not only it is super cool but all of the edges are totally soft.  It's also very comfortable and feels like being wrapped in a doona. 9.  Toadstool from Turner and Lane - Yet another beautiful gift from a friend so now Indie can perch herself on here like an elf.  10.  'Casper' extendable table from Freedom - easy to clean and extends, it's been perfect.
11.'Stall' shoe storage from Ikea - Such a useful piece of furniture.  We keep ours in the entry so it's prefect to pop the keys and bag on so we can always find them.

5.  Although we live in a pretty small apartment, we like to have friends over for dinner.  So we might have up to eight of us around our extended table.  I love it.  So I don't want our living room to be a playpen.  I believe that we shouldn't totally take away everything decorative, instead she will learn to be careful when looking at the special instruments passed down from the family.  There are some things that need to be treated with respect.  I guess that's the way I was brought up surrounded by antiques and I honestly can't remember breaking anything.***

6.  De-clutter.  By nature I'm a collector.  I have stuff that I have held onto since I was 4 years old.  I'm not joking.  But these are only my very special things and I've had to get rid of a lot of stuff.  In a small apartment you have to be ruthless and only keep the things you truly love.  Sometimes it means donating things to charity that people have given you but we simply don't have the space.  It's a constant battle.

7.  Toys and things.  We simply don't have the space to keep large toys so we love borrowing from the toy library, plus Indigo has grown so fast that there are already toys that she has moved on from (She's very advanced!)  We try to keep Indigo's room free from our stuff so that it's her special place.  The toy library saves landfill and is a good thing.

8.  A different attitude.  I have to relax a bit.  So what if there is a stack of dishes, and crumbs on the floor and last weeks paper sitting there that I know I'll never get around to reading.  Breathe.

*This whole thing is a big learning curve.  I'm sure I'll look back in a few years time and realise that I knew nothing!)
** I'm sure I'll change my tune after the first time she hits her head
*** My Mum might have a totally different recollection.

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  1. Ummmm... that Poliform chair is spectacular! I love anything with an awkwardcool vibe.

    And you're right, who knew Poliform isn't just "hard-oak-edge-to-the-eye-socket", but also "soft-with-baby-friendly-corners"...



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